Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bad Hair Day

In our guided reading book room, there is a little corner on a low shelf dedicated to bad hair days. Two stacks of books sit side by side, both containing stories about little girls who have terrible haircuts. In one of these stories, it is in fact the girl's mother who is to blame for the botched trim, and she ends up being rescued by a hairdresser and a trendy bob.

No such luck for my daughter.

Last night I got scissor happy during bath time. My daughter was contentedly playing with her fish shaped stacking cups, wispy bangs trailing in her eyes. How hard can it be, I thought to myself. I recently saw a clip of a girl cutting her own bangs - a little twist, a snip, and voila! Cute, effortless style.

So in I went: twist, snip. And now I my baby girl has the same haircut as a Franciscan monk. Definitely effortless, thankfully she's still adorable, but seriously lacking in the style department. Sadly she won't get the storybook happy ending; there is simply not enough hair on the rest of her head to salvage what I have done. Every time I look at her I feel equal parts guilt and the desire to giggle uncontrollably. My husband is thoroughly enjoying using my failure against me.

But here are some lessons learned from this experience:
1. A twenty year old model cutting her own hair is not the same as you cutting your baby's.
2. When it comes to hair cutting, less is more.
3. These things are probably best left to professionals.
4. Hats on babies are always a good idea.
5. Hair grows (I hope...)


  1. Your slice made me giggle. It brought back memories of my childhood and my mom cutting my bangs until there was hardly enough to actually call bangs. Don't worry; hair does grow and quickly!

  2. Oh man, I can picture the Franciscan monk 'do! Love the idea that you have a bad hair day section in your library. My daughter has very little hair and I definitely don't trust myself to snip her hair. Hopefully your daughter's hair will grow back quickly!

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  4. It's late, and I'm laughing. I once cut my daughter's bangs when she refused to wear a barrette. It wasn't a good look. Hair does grow. Your writing is hilarious.

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  6. My favorite line: "... I feel equal parts guilt and the desire to giggle uncontrollably." Love your lessons learned. #3 and yes, #4 hats on babies are adorable!

  7. It will grow back - you turned this awkward experience into a very funny slice!

  8. I loved reading the step by step of the story. Then enjoyed the added Lessons Learned List. #4 made me laugh out loud!