Friday, March 10, 2017

Massage Musings...

I feel super awkward and naked right now.

Is my neck supposed to be scrunched like this?

Mmm this blanket is really cozy.

I am really into this panpipes relaxation music.

Would it be weird to listen to spa music not at a spa?

Ooh the masseuse has lovely warm hands.

My circulation is really bad.

I can't wait for her to start working on my back.

That is weird that my right foot is tight.

I suppose the tension in my right shoulder is spreading downwards?

This feels like it's lasting a lot longer than twenty minutes.

OH MY GOD that feels good.

Ow, but that is a sore spot.

I hope everything is okay at day care.

What if there's an emergency and I don't pick up because I'm here.

Why would there be an emergency?

I don't usually check my phone during the day anyway.

But what if...

Oh wow, I really need to do this more often.

I wish I could remember this lady's name.

I have definitely been here for a lot longer than twenty minutes.

Oh no, she's stopping!

Hmm, feeling awkwardly naked again.


  1. It is hard to quiet the mind, isn't it? I love that you started and ended your poem with the same thought- kind of how I feel at the beginning and end of a massage also.

  2. I love this post -- I can totally relate! It's the best when I fall asleep and drool, but that's only for an hour massage :-)

  3. This is an incredible stream of consciousness that represents how so many of us feel during this experience.