Saturday, March 4, 2017

Professional Dog Torturer

My sister just adopted a dog.

Growing up we lived in a pet-free house because my father is very allergic to all furry friends. My mother, on the other hand, comes from a family of fanatical dog owners. Playing with our relatives' dogs was always a highlight of visiting them; however, as non dog owners we were not always savvy to the dos and don'ts of dog handling. My sister seemed particularly adept at doing things that were both irritating to the dogs and hilarious to everyone else. Our cousin coined her "the professional dog torturer," and the name stuck around for several years.

And now she has a dog. William is doted on like a baby, and could not be more loved. She took him in after a friend of her's bought him for $35 from a man on a street in Brooklyn. They spent several weeks trying to find his original owners, assuming that he had been stolen, but nobody came forward to claim him. She couldn't be happier to keep him.

But the dog torturer in her still remains. Poking, contorting, dressing up, any and all opportunities for an entertaining photo... Fortunately, he is the most mellow, tolerant dog you will ever encounter; William appears to relish in her particular brand of torture. Today, for example, not only did he manage a turn on the slide with great aplomb, but he actually seemed to enjoy his bout in the swing. He is her dog soulmate. How lucky they are to have found each other.


  1. Not sure I'd want the title "Dog Torturer!" William is so cute!

  2. My brother was so allergic when I was growing up. We had fish. Now we have a dog, because I thought it would be a really neat experience for the kids. She's too big to dress up, but I think she doesn't mind too much when the kids torture her - she was a rescue from Alabama. Thanks for sharing this witty post!

  3. So glad you added the photo! William is a cutie and apparently, has a very easy-going nature. I enjoyed reading about your sister's interactions with dogs!